A Big Little Nest with Chestnut Floors & Contemporary Windows, to Redesign Your Apartment

A Big Little Nest is actually the name of a project that the result will be portrayed in this article. The project redecorates and redesigns a small apartment located in the center of historical place Bordeaux, France. The project was done in 2014 to make this apartment becomes stylish and functional. The apartment got some redesign and refurnish that really boast the look of the apartment. If you need some ideas to redesign your old and dull apartment, these pictures of A Big Little Nest design may help you to find some inspirations.

A big little nest project successfully makes a functional home and furniture design applicable for studio apartment. Here are the inspiring pictures

This see through bathroom door made by glass is perfectly stunning in look. It gives a cleand and simple look as well as accessible space for people who come out from the bathroom. The door is very practical and easy to operate. Therefore, the look in and out the bathroom becomes very contemporary and simple.

This bathroom shower from A Big Little Nest project is extremely luxurious and elegant in look since the material used in the shower is very appealing. This is a marble shower area which is built using marble with eclectic grey color. The shower area looks perfectly stunning and luxurious with this marble materials.

The toilet area from A Big Little Nest project is very simple but still has its stylish look. A small narrow toilet area is well built by applying wooden materials for the wall. The application of wood gives smooth contrast in the area of the toilet.

A Big Little Nest bathroom vanity made of wood comes in a unique concept. The floating vanity design looks very appealing with the combination of grey marble sink. The design is simple and minimalist but still has maximum function just like a concept of contemporary furniture. As a result, the bathroom looks classy and elegant with this new design.

A big little nest bedroom wall unit is another unique pieces from this project that uses wooden materials. The wall is not only functioned as partition for the bedroom with another room but also serves function as storage unit where you can store your things properly on it. Therefore, your bedroom wall becomes effective and functional.

A Big Little Nest collaborated with Mickael Martins Alfonso and L’Atelier miel in making a bookcase. A little space that becomes the challenge in this project can be encountered by both of them in creating a functional book case that is suitable for studio apartment size. The bookcase makes the room feels spacious and larger as well as it can keep plenty of books that you have.

If you have limited space in your room while you have plenty of books that need to be stored you should make useless space such as corner to be more functional. With this briliant idea of bookcase around the corner you can put a bookcase near the corner and make the corner as your reading place where you can read peacefully in it.

If you need more storage to put your shoes, clothes or other small things, bookcase unit with lower storage can be the best furniture design. The lower storage of your bookcase can be used to store anything you want.

The design of desk and table from A Big Little Nest project looks match. The design can make the room appear to be brighter while the white wall color adds smooth contrast on it.

The kitchen windows from A Big Little Nest look bright and simple. Its six rectangular parts make the room becomes larger and brighter.

A Big Little Nest Project successfully makes an awesome furniture design for small house which maximizes the floor space and the furniture function itself to make a comfortable and stylish home design.

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