The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Having a set of solid wood kitchen cabinets is being a choice for some people. Moreover there are millions of homeowners around the world using wooden kitchen cabinets. It is because wood is very popular to any manufactured home design.

solid wood kitchen cabinets 2

There are also other materials used for kitchen cabinets such as stainless steel, laminate and glass. But solid wood may be better than those materials because of its durability and the look. Even though not all wood is equal, the solid wood is strong enough to be created for some furniture like cabinets. The woods will be durable for many years. Other advantage is the look of wood material.

solid wood kitchen cabinets 4

Solid wood kitchen cabinets will look natural and bring warm atmosphere to the house. Besides that, this cabinets will fit to any home designs such as country, rustic and modern style. Compared to other cabinet materials, solid wood or other wood materials have more color varieties. There are many different types of woods make them vary in appearance, cost and durability. And also the homeowners can paint the wood cabinets as they like.
solid wood kitchen cabinets 3

Aside of the advantages of the solid wood materials, not many people know the disadvantages which are also to be considered. They cannot withstand to the moisture. This kind of material doesn’t match to houses in high level of humidity area. If they keep using this materials, they have to be ready changing their cabinets soon. The wood cabinets are also needed extra maintenance.

solid wood kitchen cabinets

They will be easily getting dirt. Homeowners must be ready to clean up the cabinets in order to there are not bugs inside. Another disadvantage is its vulnerability to termite attacks. This bugs will chew out solid wood kitchen cabinets like other wood furniture. Besides that, the ugly marks which left there cannot be turning as before. It will be very regrettable for having the expensive ones.

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