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Apartment building floor plans -Aside from being a footrest mat, the floor can also add to the beauty of a building that could add value to an apartment. For interior flooring should use colors, patterns, dimensions and smooth texture. As for the outside of the floor should use texture rough floor .That is not slippery when the floor wet.

There are several types of floors to be apartment building plans. The first apartment building floor plans is to use a tile floor. Floor tiles made of cement mixed with sand. Floor tiles have many colors like gray, brown, yellow, blue and others. This floor is measuring 30 cm x 30 cm or 40 cm x 40 cm. This floor has a good quality that can make the room feel cold. Excess floor is cheaper contras with other flooring types, does not require a long time to install and easy to clean of dirt or stains.

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Other apartment building plans is using terrazzo floor. The floor is made of sand and cement mixture, then top mix given some combination between the shells and fragments of marble so that the shape of various shades and textures are beautiful and unique. Terrazzo floor is measuring 20 cm x 20 cm and 30 cm x 30 cm with a white background. In order to survive a long time, the floor should not be put in place that are often exposed to water because it will be easy to get dirty and cracked.

Apartment building floor plans are tiled floor. Floor tiles are the most popular floor many people as floor tiles have color, pattern and size diversity. Floor tiles are more expensive compared to other types of flooring because of its quality. Installation of ceramic flooring is relatively easy and does not take long so able to be apartment building plans. Floor tiles are not easily scratched, and easy to clean when soiled. Floor tiles can be used for interior and exterior, there is a choice of ceramic floor with rough texture suitable place frequently exposed to water.

Other apartment building floor plans are using marble floors. The marble floor is made of marble stone slab then consumers can order itself the size. Floor marble has motifs and colors are varied and can give rise to the impression of luxury. Apartment building plans with Marble floor price is relatively expensive compared to other types of flooring because of the manufacturing process is not easy. The marble floor is able to withstand heavy loads. However when the colored stains such as coffee or ink will be difficult to remove because it will be absorbed into the floor. The marble floor is only suitable for use indoors because if often exposed to sunlight and water will be easily damaged color and will break.

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