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Apartment floor plans designs -Some important element to consider is the choice of material good apartment furniture, walls or floors. Element floor becomes important which can add to the comfort and beauty of the apartments. Apartment which generally has a minimalist concept requires the element which has a simple and modern design.

There are several types of apartment floor plans that you can use as floor apartments. The first is apartment floor plans use natural parquet floor. This floor has a good quality, but requires extra care because their outer layers are made of wax. Besides this floor installation requires considerable time and must be done by experts. Parquet materials also have a rather expensive price compared with the price of other materials, but it can make your apartment seems elegant and luxurious. The floor is made of spruce or pine wood made layered then topped smooth veneer layer. Parquet flooring is not suitable section of kitchens and bathrooms because it is easily damaged when exposed to water continuously.

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Another type of apartment floor plan is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring cheaper and more practical than the parquet floor because the floor is not made of real wood but are made of paper material just resembles the shape of the timber. The bottom layer is given the floor resin or paraffin paper, this part of the center was given HDF fiberboard with high density and a top layer of wood with a given motif such as melamine resin and added corundum. Floor considered durable laminate to cover the floor and does not require special treatment. However, this story is not waterproof so it will be easily damaged when exposed to water frequently. This very practical floor mounted because there goes a long time. How to put it simply put on the floor is.

Other apartment floor plan is linoleum and tile flooring vinyl. Linoleum flooring materials impregnated with natural resins, oils and synthetic materials. Linoleum flooring is most suitable for the bedroom, living room and family room. While vinyl flooring is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, because this floor is does not absorb water. Vinyl flooring is easy to install because structure consisting of water-resistant material that you can use in all rooms. Vinyl floor has an adhesive layer so that you can just steak on floor. If you want a long-lasting permanent floor you can make apartment floor plan of ceramic material that has an assortment of colors and patterns are available in all sizes.

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