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Apartment layout planner -Apartments usually have a smaller size than the house, because it is practical and minimalist designed apartments. Although the relatively small size of the room, apartment has the same function as the house that has a place for a family gathering, a place to cook and a place to rest. So the apartment needs a lot of furniture as well as furniture that was at home.

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Much furniture used to make apartments become narrow if you do apartment layouts properly and neatly. To apartment layout ideas a narrow apartment chooses furniture that has a minimalist form and placed on the edge of the room. Make open space by combining rooms into one so that there is not much insulation in the room makes the room seems cramped. Combining the kitchen with a dining room at a time with the family room can make the room looser. Make air ventilation every room so that the air present in the apartments remains cool and not stuffy.

Apartment layout planner is Make cabinet in every room so you can store various tool in the cabinet so that no goods were scattered and made the room look dirty. Maximize the empty places become places that have functions such as the corner of the room can you give a table to put stuff or just decoration of the room. Provide sufficient space so that you are easy to move and walk inside the apartment. Do not place furniture middle of the room that made the edge of space unused.

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Apartment layout ideas are pay attention to lighting problems so that the room appears bright to make a small window or make a glass wall so that sunlight can enter into the room. Attach a white light mounted roof as the lighting at night Use furniture made of glass or stainless which has a minimalist design that could save the use of space. Use furniture with simple models that have the size is not too large.

To make the apartments look attractive to use white as the base color and then combine with bright colors. You can also use a floor made of ceramic with a large size to make the look more modern apartments. Add some of the accessories such as curtains, paintings, clocks and vases. Accessory use too much will make the room seems dirty. Apartment layouts that make room become clean and tidy, so that it can be a comfortable dwelling for you and your family.

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