Apartment Living Room Décor

Apartment living room décor -Apartment living room is different from the home living room which has a larger size. Apartment living room has a minimalist form so you have to design the apartment living room with a well in order to keep convenient and tidy living room.

Apartment Living Room Décor

Apartment living room design is to use furniture that is appropriate. Some furniture that you can use is a complete sofa with a table that has a minimalist models, bookshelves, television and carpet. No need to use a lot of the accessories that are not family room seems full and dirty. Use the accessories that have a raft of key functions such as decorative vases and paintings. It seems to make the family room area you can choose the material of glass furniture. Glass can reflect light and impressed create new room. Use glass material as the material tables and bookshelves.

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Apartment living room décor is use color apartment living room by using the color white. The white color makes the room appears bright and clean. You can add bright color combinations like red, blue or orange. Adjust the color the wall, furniture and floor family room to be a good combination. It seems to make the family room area you can create an open space that is by combining the living room with another room such as the kitchen, so there is no bulkhead that limit between living room and kitchen and makes the room appears larger

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apartment living room decor

Note the lighting factor apartment living room. You can install roof-mounted white light in order to illuminate the entire space of the family. To save electricity, you can create natural lighting when days by making a small glass roof or a window so that sunlight can enter into the living room.
Ventilation is also important apartment living room decorating ideas that you should consider so that the living room can be a comfortable space to gather with family. The use of windows in addition to natural lighting can also be used as a place of entry and exit of fresh air so the room stays cool and not stuffy. You can make window like a door that can be opened and closed so that when night window could be closed in order to keep the house safe and cool. In addition to the window you can make ventilation more practical to make small holes at the top so you do not need to open his lid when the evenings.


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