Asian Design Home Decoration Ideas

Asian design Home Decoration Ideas-Nowadays a lot of homes that use a model of modern western style that accentuates the impression of luxury in every element and minimalist models are practical. But there are also those who prefer the concept Asian design of their own country is more convenient because it fits with their own culture. The design more simple and has a size larger house. Asian design has characteristics that buildings have a simple look. The material used most of the natural ingredients so it seems more natural. The material used is wood, bamboo, sand and natural rocks. For Asian designs still associated with the term Feng shui is believed by many Chinese people to set up home. With Feng Shui, you can determine the position, shape, and arrangement of your home space. The function of the Feng Shui itself was largely prevent the occurrence of disasters and opened the door of sustenance at home.

asian design

Asian designs prioritize good color combinations. You can play many colors for each element of your home. Make a good combination between the color of the walls, the color of the floor and furniture colors. Choose colors that have dramatic effects such as black, brown and white and colors are impressive calm as green or blue would be harmonious color combinations. Some additional colors that can be used as additional colors are red and gold.

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Some furniture used in Asian designs is furniture that seemed natural that is made of wood and soil such as cabinets, dining tables, kitchen cabinets and flooring. To add Asian impression added some typical Asian accessory such as glass with a frame of wood carving, hours sitting with a classic wooden frame, jars, paintings, sculptures and decoration glass curtain as a door or window. To make the home look more elegant you can add glass material as the material used for table furniture, windows and cabinets. Asian houses usually has one living room, one living room, one kitchen, three bedrooms and one warehouse. Asian houses have a wider space than the minimalist modern home that had a room is small and cramped, so for interior home easier. You can use furniture that has a large size without making houses become narrower

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