How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

How to clean kitchen cabinets is not always as simple as we see on the TV ads. It seems to be so simple when you only have a small kitchen cabinet above the sink or refrigerator. The real problem comes when you face a huge sectional kitchen cabinets hanging with dirt oil all over the surface. You might think that this is going to be forever work in the kitchen. This could be true if you have hundreds equipments and stuff on inside your cabinets. And my presence here is to share you some tips to clean kitchen cabinets.

,h2.Ways to Clean Up

Everyone would be thrilled when seeing your kitchen looks so neat and clean like a brand new kitchen. Feeling not so great every time you come to your kitchen and see everything is like ship wreckages after the storm. So, before facing the harder process, you can start with removing all the stuff and equipments from the cabinet. Place them to another area but inside the kitchen because you will need more space to do cleaning activity. After the cabinet is fully empty, you need to take screwdriver from warehouse. This screwdriver is used to remove the doors. You can work on the doors later and stack them up somewhere. It would be smart shot when you tend to put label on every door so it makes you easier to put them back on the right plots.

All are set and done; now you need to prepare the ammunitions. You need to collect oil soap cleaner for wood, detergent, vinegar and baking soda. People who do not understand this would think that you get mad at something. We will do some mixtures here. Mix clean water with detergent. Use clean cloth to wash the surface of the cabinet. Don’t get it too wet because it may ruin the next process. When you meet sticky spot, you can use the mixture of vinegar and water. This should be work out. For the hardest stain, the combination of water and baking soda is considered as best. Those mixtures are the great ammunitions on how to clean kitchen cabinets.

How Many Times You Should Clean Up the Cabinets?

How to clean kitchen cabinets is only applied when you see the very visible dirt and stain attached. However, there’s supposed to be regularly action over this. The severe dirt and stain can react to the porous, and this would be disaster. Do daily check and simple cleaning on your kitchen cabinets and big cleaning for once a week.

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