Combining Two Flats for Apartment with a Levee-Inspired Design

In the apartment, you will find many interior designs which make your room a comfortable place to live. Two flats combined into an apartment by using a levee design is a way that makes the room has the uniqueness on it. Do you want to have a room which has the design related to two flats? If you do, then you need to find several ideas since it is very important for you before deciding to buy the apartment. Here, we will give you the explanation of the detail things related to the design. These pictures are going to tell you all about apartment design.



The model of Turin apartment which is inspired by a levee design as an apartment type for you who are looking for a comfortable place to live

The first design comes from Turin apartment bathroom. In the type of the room, Turin apartment has the model which has the simple model as the bathroom and by using beautiful lamp near the mirror in the bathroom. Also, there is a Turin apartment bathroom in gray and white. The combination of gray and white in the bathroom creates the symbol of luxurious place in the bathroom for an apartment. It elegantly evokes tranquil feeling inside the bathroom.

Bathroom interior in your apartment is something vital that you have to realize. For you who love to use bathroom which has a good interior for example the bath tub, mirror, walls, you can choose the type of Turin apartment in the model of bathroom interior. Sometimes, your apartment does not allow you to have extra space to separate bathroom and bedroom. Then this Turin apartment bedroom will answer your question. This apartment bedroom is designed in the same area of your bathroom. The existence of big glass can be an accent for the area.


Talking about the walls in the Turin apartment, it has many colors on it. For example is Turin apartment by using brown wall. Brown in the walls gives the sense of elegant in the apartment. That is also very unique that the form of the wall is not linear as a square. Then, you have to understand another type that is named Turin apartment colors. In this type, the design is so unique and different from the other type. The apartment design is seen as the type of an imaginary house, but it happens in a reality in Turin apartment.


Turin apartment also gives you floor seating. There, you can relax from those activities that you have done in a day. In addition, focusing on the doors that Turin apartment offers the model of doors by applying glass on it. That’s not like the door in the general as it is able to give airy feeling inside the room.


For you who love cooking, Turin apartment has a design interior which offers the feature of kitchen set and dining. By using the set, you can do cooking for example making spaghetti, burger, and even cakes. And that’s a good way as a feature that fits to cook there. The kitchen furniture, aside from giving its function to help you do the job, is also able to increase the beauty of the kitchen interior design.

However, when you are studying, you need a comfortable space to study. And Turin apartment study corner is a choice for you who need an enjoying time to study or read material books. To apply this idea into your apartment, you are free to choose the best spot so that you get the best feeling whenever you occupy the study corner.

Based on several design ideas of Turin apartment, you can be inspired to design your own apartment. Feel free to choose the best Turin apartment in your way!

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