Designer Loft House in Former Factory Tower Inspiring Design Ideas

There are plenty of interesting interior designs that you can choose. You can select a design that really represents your style and taste to make a cozy living space. The choice of the interior design depends on the location and concept of the house design. You can make a unique design in a unique place just like this design of loft house. There are two famous interior designers that make a design of a comfortable house which are Zsuzsa Megyesi and Attila F Kovacs. They plan to make a comfortable interior design in an old tower of factory as their home project which they named Loft 19.

Loft 19 interior designs are made by two famous designers that transform the old fabric tower into a comfortable and stylish living space

Loft 19 is actually a tower-like structure that was previously belongs to HFF Knitting Factory complex. The designers made chairs designs using metal colored with black and soft fabric that have industrial look. The design of the chairs is simple but it has elegant quality that makes the dining room look more attractive. The designers made a matching look between the chairs and the surrounding view to make it looks attractive.

The design of the dining room is eclectic. With the combination of bold colors such as orange, black and brown from the furniture, this dining room looks quite refreshing and elegant. The designers give personal style in the dining room to create an intimate and private feel.

What make a dining room looks more interesting is because of the chandelier that functions as the focal point. The design of the chandelier is very unique made by aluminum with silver finish that can beautify the look of the dining room.

Kitchen and staircase design in Loft 19 looks simple in design. It is the choice of the designers to make a free design for the interior. The kitchen and staircase are dominated by white color which is neutral and applicable to be combined with any room designs and decorations. Therefore, the look in the kitchen becomes very contemporary.

The sitting area in Loft 19 looks chic and sweet with a bohemian look inside the room. The combination of many different colors such as pink, brown, tosca, and grey looks very appealing and awesome. Added with unique rug design makes the room looks stunning and attractive in look. This area is decorated to evoke comfortable atmosphere for you to relax.

Staircase with wall carvings make the staircase area looks decorative. The stairs leads to upper level in which the private rooms are located. The circle carvings with different size create dynamic look around the staircase area.

The appearance of Loft 19 house tower building is just like an old historical building from the outside since the designers do not make chance in the exterior design. The exterior look exactly the same with the original version with its vanished brown color. It looks classic and vintage with brown shades that make the building looks old.

Many of the old furniture were preserved just like the old iron windows. The windows provide stunning deserted views in the surrounding area. The size is large and it provides a lot of natural lights to come inside the building. The windows also make the room appear to be larger and spacious. The windows are suitable to be used in any house design since it is simple and neutral in design.

The interior design of Loft 19 is designed by two designers that collaborated in making a unique interior design. They have different design characteristics that make the house looks unique as well as attractive and stylish in design. They successfully transform an old tower factory as a comfortable living space.

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