Fresh Apartment Interior Design

Apartment has a smaller size than the house, so you will need extra attention in designing the apartment interior. The existence of many of the rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens will make the apartment feel very cramped if you are not creative to arrange apartment interior design ideas.

There are several apartment interior design ideas you can do arrange the interior apartment is create an open room. Examples of such transports are making a kitchen united with living room, so there is no space limit between kitchen and family room. This makes the room feel more spacious. Excess create open space will also make you when cooking because you can chat with other family members who were relaxing family room.

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Other apartment interior design ideas are exact furniture. When you choose the furniture, do not just choose furniture for the beauty but choose furniture that has a function to your apartment. Choose furniture that has a minimalist design which saves space apartments. Do not use too many accessories for your apartment because it will make apartment seems dirty and full. Accessory that you can use is a wall clock, small paintings and some flowers vas.

Important thing of apartment interior is the paint color selection. You can use white as the base color of your apartment. The bright white color is can reflect light so that takes a toll on your room look spacious and clean. You can combine the white color with other bright colors that you like such as green, blue, red and orange. Adjust the color combinations with color roof and the floor of his furniture. Selection of the right colors will make your apartment looked beautiful and very comfortable.

Pay attention the factor lighting of apartment interior.  Apartment’s need enough lighting to make the apartment does not look cramped and dark. You can use two types of lights in the apartment that is the primary light and secondary light. The primary lamp used to illuminate the entire room that is attached to the roof using a white light.  For the secondary light, the light is that illuminates only a few apartments’ angles such as the living room and bathroom. This lamp is commonly called a decorative lamp with a light yellow or brown color. You can also create a window to let air and light can enter freely so the room stays fresh and bright. The window can also make the room seem more spacious apartment.

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apartment interior design ideas

apartment design ideas interior

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