How To Create Minimalist Home

In modern times, many who choose to make minimalist home because it has a simple design. Minimalist house does not require too much land, usually home has 2 floors or 3 floors which feels more luxurious than one floor with a large size. Minimalist houses usually only have 2-3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. Minimalist house maximizes use of each room in the house. The rooms are not too big. Residents must make clever use room. So that the house does not feel cramped create open space by reducing the amount of the separation barrier inside the room. You can combine one room with other room, such as living room combined with the living room and kitchen. When you combine one room with other room can make you easy to talk with your family member when you cooking. You can make dining room in the kitchen, it’s usually call Kitchen Island. You can use the kitchen to be place to cook and place to eat together with your family.

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To make minimalist design give enough distance so that you can put the furniture neatly. Open spaces can make a house seems wider. If you want divider between one a room with other room, you can use the walls of glass so that the room does not feel cramped because you could see another room as there is no parapet. Use furniture with minimalist design and has a size that is not too large. Using furniture with large size will make the house feel full, so use furniture with medium size. Arrange furniture right place, give enough space to walk and move between furniture with other furniture. Do not use accessory too much on minimalist home, use the important accessories such as flower vases, paintings and tablecloths.

To create minimalist home use white as the base color of the house. The white color can reflect light so that the room will appears brighter and more spacious. You also pay attention to make minimalist home with lighting problems by creating a window or a glass roof so that the light is transmitted into the room. Minimalist house with small size requires ventilation enough air to maintain the freshness of the air that is inside the room. Ventilation serves as the alternation of the existing air in the room with the air outdoors fresh.

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