Minimalist Home Design 2015

Minimalist homes became one favored designs for many people because it is considered more modern design, elegant and easy treatment. Today, many families are man and woman carrier so do not have much time to be at home and take care of the house, so they just make a small house, but do not forget the factor functional.

Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist home design is to maximize limited land use. For the interior of the home should be made in order to remain impressive wide open. Such as the use of room guests into one room to the family room. Do not use a lot of room divider to make space still look spacious. To create a minimalist homes should choose the right furniture. Choose furniture that has the appropriate size room. Do not use furniture with size too big because it will make the room feel cramped. Select furniture that is absolutely necessary. Layout furniture became one point in home design minimalist. Place the furniture properly while providing sufficient space for the occupants of the home run.

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Minimalist home design is the priority factor minimalist light and air. Minimalist home design should have adequate lighting to make the roof of the glass or create a window so that sunlight can enter into the house and make the house of natural light. Meanwhile, when the evenings you can add some light as a torch. There are two types of lights that you can use the first primary light as the main light for the entire room lighting are mounted on each roof of the room with the color white and the second light is light that is secondary or supplemental lighting or as decoration. Secondary lamp can be placed by hanging or laid the table with warm light color that gives a wonderful impression as yellow.
In addition to lighting, the air is also very important factor. Next minimalist home design is Make ventilation enough air in every room so that the air can be changed so the room was cool and not stuffy. In addition to making ventilation, a window that is used as a means of sunlight coming home can also be used to facilitate the air out of the room.

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Minimalist home décor is paint color selection and appropriate accessories. Use white as the base color, so that the room still looks bright and wide, then add bright colors as the color combinations. Adjust the color of furniture, walls and floors that become good combination. Next Minimalist home décor is use accessories such as wall clocks, vases and paintings to add to the beauty of your home. Accessories do not use too much because it will make the house seem full and dirty.

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