Styles of Kitchen Hardware for Cabinets

One of the easiest updates that you can really do to your kitchen is going to be updating your kitchen hardware for cabinets. This can give white or wood cabinets a totally new look and take them an entirely different design direction. However, these pieces have really risen in cost in the past few years so it’s important to find styles that you can live with for quite a while.

We have recently seen a huge return to porcelain cabinet handles and knobs. However, we are seeing a lot more expensive versions. Skip floral prints that look outdated. Instead the entire knob might just be in the actual shape of a rose. This is something that would typically be in a lot of a little girls rooms. However, if you’re going for a cottage or shabby chic look then you could bring this into your space if you have a white cabinet. However, you want to stay away from of a lot of the other neutral colors and instead go for white. We are also seeing a lot of versions with more of a Moroccan a Spanish inspiration with a lot of orange and turquoise colors on it which is a great way to match either a white or a wood cabinet drawer. It just depends on how much of a focal point you want your kitchen cabinet hardware to be.

Really glass knobs and pulls for kitchen cabinets have always been very traditional. In this design style usually, vintage style knobs are very popular. They have a floral motif to them. However, but this is very traditional for your upper cabinets we are also really seeing a resurgence in this for your lower cabinets as well. This is going to just be a basic handle shape, but it can be formed out of glass. A more contemporary version will have metal on either side of it. You can also just change up the color of glass by bringing in a fun aqua for an eclectic feeling. However, if you have an arts and crafts kind of room then a really great option would be to go with more of an amber kind of color. This is one of the few ways to bring in an orange tone that won’t distract from the beauty of your cabinetry.

You can also really go for unusual materials with your kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls. This can be a mother-of-pearl design style. It can be inlaid or mosaic depending on the level of formality that you go with. This can add subtle shimmer to your room. It’s a way that you can carry out this theme in everywhere from your silverware to even a capiz shell light fixture. It’s also going to be one of the most sophisticated ways that you can do a beach theme.

You can also go for a more modern version kitchen hardware for cabinets. Usually this is going to be quite simplistic but you need to change up the material somewhat. In this case, you might want to go with just a simple glass bulb that isn’t sculpted are all. You can also find a lot of these pieces in granite, although you will want to make sure that you match it closely to your cabinet color or else it is just going to be a little bit too striking. If you do decide to go with a metal drawer pull then you want to make sure that it has an interesting shape to it such as a twisted metal in the center of it. This works well for the Tuscan and traditional design styles and it’s not going to stand out as much against a dark wood cabinet.

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