The Suitable Kitchen Island with Breakfast Bar

When you have a large space in the kitchen in your home, it is actually a very great idea for you to apply the kitchen island with breakfast bar. It is because applying this furniture will be a great addition that can increase the design of your kitchen to the higher level. However, it is not all kitchen island can be so perfect to be added with the breakfast bar. So, what is the suitable kitchen island that can fit a breakfast bar well? Let’s find out.

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Well, there are several kinds of kitchen islands that can fit with the breakfast bar greatly, which are: The first of all, it will be great if you add a breakfast bar to the large kitchen island. This particular kitchen island will offer you the wide style.  This style will allow you to use some part of the kitchen island for applying some stools and creating a bar styled breakfast spot. Then, the other part of the kitchen island can still be your food preparation area.


Furthermore, the other kitchen island that can be a nice breakfast area is the traditional kitchen island. This kitchen island can be the perfect furniture that you can combine with the breakfast bar. You can add a plank of wood to this kitchen island. Thus, this specific kitchen island with breakfast bar design will make you have great space for applying some seats and make it a perfect casual breakfast and chatting spot.

kitchen island with breakfast bar

Moreover, you can actually also create a different additional breakfast area in the kitchen by applying the wall mounted simple breakfast table around the kitchen island. This table will allow you to put two or three stools near its side. Additionally, it can be a nice option to take as well, especially if you want to create an affordable kitchen island with breakfast bar in your pantry.

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