Tiny Apartment Space with a Loft Bedroom and Bright Open Plan

Small apartment which is completed with furniture and mesmerizing design is a good place to live. It simply can be the combination of bedroom nook, kitchen set, and staircase in an apartment which is beautiful that you can choose when you decide to live in a small apartment. You, as the person who will rent or buy the apartment with elegant and minimalist design, need some inspirations or design ideas to help you out in finding the best. Here, we give you some designs interior related to bedroom and also many features that give you recommendation to choose the best apartment for you. Let’s check these out.

The first design of small apartment is dining corner which has a simple way. It has the meaning that by using a small table which has four legs and square type, it will be enough to create your comfy dining nook. In addition, you can eat your breakfast by seeing the beautiful scenery from your room. Also, the shining of the sun in the morning can make your day is going to be happy and amazing day.


For you who want to live in a small apartment, you have to know and understand the interior design as a recommendation before you rent or buy one

The next design of the small apartment is Sofia studio with dining table. Showing the dining table in your room is a good way to design your room to look elegant. In the dining table, you can take your books or journals and it can be a comfortable place to read or do your jobs or works. And, it is better for you to keep the condition of the dining table clean.

That’s a new design named Sofia studio with mirrored cabinet that means the type of small apartment which has the unique of mirrored cabinet. By applying mirrored cabinet in your room, it has two functions. First it can be a place to take the things that you have for examples clothes, trousers, skirts, and so on. And second, it can be a mirror to you. It is an amazing room for you by the existence of mirrored cabinet!


Staircase is a thing that makes your room so beautiful and elegant. The spiral staircase which is hanging in your room can add the sensation of enjoyment there. In addition, it is simply another thing that can create your apartment as a comfort place to live. As you live in a small apartment, maximizing every inch is a must. As you can see in this picture, the combination of staircase and desk is the kind of architecture that gives you the benefits from the things. For example, you can take or save your documents, books, or even journals in the desk that located under the staircase.


If you are a workaholic and you need space to work or to do your jobs, Sofia studio with workspace is recommended to you as a place to live. In addition, another design for workspace is located under the bed. That is very unique place which is that thing gives you some advantages by living in the apartment.

Your small space should not be an obstacle to do what you love. And if you love cooking, this inspiring kitchen idea will work well. If you need a place to cook, the studio with kitchen set is available there. This kitchen from Sofia studio is just as functional as the other with its white kitchen counter.


As you can see in the picture, the existence of staircase is a way to make the room is more beautiful. By using staircase in the model of chains is the unique type to your apartment. Then, there is also storage located under the stairs to make it a good interior in the studio.

Well, there is nothing impossible to gain a comfy living space even if you live in such small place as studio apartment. Those inspiring design ideas are applicable for any apartment.

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